Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Contactless Automatic Hand Washer Homemade to Avoid Covid 19

Eltronicschool. - This is one of Eltronicschool homemade to avoid us from Covid 19 by producing contactless device to wash our hand automatically using water and hand soap easily. This product called with Contactless Autoamtic Hand Washer

Contactless Automatic Hand Washer from Front Size

Contactless Automatic Hand Washer from Bottom Size

1. Standby power : 0.7W
2. Working Power : 10W
3. Infrared Sensor Distancing: 15cm
4. Inlet and Outlet Pipe Water: 1/2 Inch
5. Soap capacity : 400 - 600mL
6. AC Voltage : 220VAC/50Hz
7. Normally Close Solenoide, when device not working, the water close

How to Use
1. Connect the inlet water to the water connection with pipe sized 1/2 inch. For additional, please use stop water pipe, water moor, etc.
2. Fill the soap to the inlet soap box.
3. Connect the device to 220VAC
4. Turn off the device using ON/OFF switch in the behind the device 
5. Please put your hand under the soap and water outlet in the bottom of device.

1. The device will work well in the 220VAC/50Hz
2. Don't turn ON and OFF the device when in wet condition
3. Don't use the sensor in infrared area like from the sun and other.
4. If any problem with the device please turn off the device and unconnect to the water connection.

For more information about this device like price and ordering, plese visit the online shop in Tokopedia using link below.

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