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Circuit Schematic 8051 Microcontroller Based Ultrasonic Object Detection

Eltronicschool. - This is one of the ultrasonic range sensor for detecting object for you in this time to show you one of the circuit schematic of 8051 Microcontroller Based Ultrasonic Object Detection like shown in Figure 1 below.

In this project based on ultrasonic sensor module and microcontroller 8051. In this time beside we will show you about the circuit schematic, we also will give you the global description about this project.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Circuit Schematic of 8051 Microcontroller Based Ultrasonic Object Detection (Source: https://www.elprocus.com)

Component Part
  1. Ultrasonic sensor module
  2. 8051 microcontroller
  3. LCD
  4. LED
  5. Crystal
  6. Transistors, Diodes, Capacitors, and Resistors
  7. Transformer
  8. Voltage Regulator
  9. Magnetic Gun

According elprocus site describe that this circuit is designed with an 8051 micro-controller and an ultrasonic sensor. The sensor transmits the ultrasonic sound waves of kHz. When an object or obstacle comes ahead of the sensor, the sound waves are reflected. Then the receiver detects the kHz sound wave.

The circuitry converts the sound signals to electrical signals which are fed to the microcontroller interfaced. The microcontroller receives the signals and actuates the output to take appropriate action. The LCD interfaced to the microcontroller is used to display the status of the module.

This project can be enhanced to calculate the distance of the object and find the location of the object.

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