Thursday, July 19, 2018

Circuit Schematic Signal Tracer Circuit using 741 IC

Eltronicschool. - This is one of the tester for signal tracer project for you in this time to show you one of the circuit schematic of signal tracer circuit using 741 IC look like shown in Figure 1 below.

In this project with circuit schematic of Signal Tracer Circuit using 741 IC, you will show an how you can build the power inverter using special low cost in this time. 

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Circuit schematic of Signal Tracer Circuit using 741 IC (Source:

Component Part
  1. Transistor
  2. 741 IC
  3. Capacitors
  4. Resistors
  5. Speaker
  6. Variable Resistor
  7. Detail component value see in Figure 1.

Circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is Signal Tracer Circuit using 741 IC. The main component in this circuit schematic is transistors and 741 IC.

According Circuitstoday site describe that a high gain amplifier circuit that can be operated from a battery pack of 6 or 9 volt battery pack is shown here.The IC1 uA 741 is wired as a high gain non-inverting amplifier and its output is amplified by a pair of complementary transistors (Q1 & Q2) to drive the speaker.The negative feedback from the common emitter junction of the two transistor stabilizes the gain of the circuit.The resulting audio output is sufficient to serve as a signal tracer.

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