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Tools: Introducing for 4 Band Resistor Calculators

Eltronicschool. - The most popular component in electronic devices is resistor. There are many kinds of resistor provided in this time, one of them is 4 band resistor calculator. 

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In this season we will show you information about the introducing for 4 band resistor calculators.


A resistor is a perhaps the most common building block used in circuits. Resistors come in many shapes and sizes this tool is used to decode information for color banded axial lead resistors.

4 Band Description

The number of bands is important because the decoding changes based upon the number of color bands. There are three common types: 4 band, 5 band, and 6 band resistors. For the 4 band resistor:

Band 1 – First significant digit. 

Band 2 – Second significant digit 

Band 3 – Multiplier 

Band 4 – Tolerance

Resistance Value

The first 4 bands make up the resistance nominal value. The first 2 bands make up the significant digits where: 

black – 0 

brown – 1 

red – 2 

orange – 3 

yellow – 4 

green – 5 

blue – 6 

violet – 7 

grey – 8 

white – 9

The 3rd band or multiplier band is color coded as follows: 

black – x1 

brown – x10 

red – x100 

orange – x1K 

yellow – x10K 

green – x100K 

blue – x1M 

violet – x10M 

grey – x100M 

white – x1G 

gold – .1 

silver – .01

An example of a resistance value is:

band 1 = orange = 3, 

band 2 = yellow = 4, 

band 3 = blue = 1M

value = 34*1M = 34 Mohm

Resistance Tolerance

The fourth band is the tolerance and represents the worst case variation one might expect from the nominal value. The color code for tolerance is as follows: 

brown - 1% 

red - 2% 

orange - 3% 

yellow - 4% 

green - .5% 

blue - .25% 

violet - .1% 

gray - .05% 

gold - 5% 

silver - 10%

An example calculating the range of a resistor value is:

If the nominal value was 34 Ohm and the 4th band of the resistor was gold (5%) the value range would be nominal +/- 5% = 32.3 to 35.7


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