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Circuit Schematic Arduino-based Front Office Visitor Alarm

Eltronicschool. - This is one circuit schematic for you who want to implement your Arduino in this time. With this circuit schematic, now you can learn more to connect and program your project based on Arduino microcontroller.

In this time, eside we will show you circuit schematic, we also will give you the description of this circuit and the last we will give you the link to read more about this circuit schematic from original source.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Circuit Schematic Arduino-based Front Office Visitor Alarm (Source: Electronicsforu)

Component Part


Circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic Arduino-based Front Office Visitor Alarm. Electronicsforu site describe that Arduino Uno operates off a 9V DC power supply. It is based on ATmega328 microcontroller and has 14 digital input/output pins, six analogue input pins, a USB connection for programming the onboard microcontroller, a 9V-12V DC power jack, an ICSP header and reset button. It is operated with a 16MHz crystal oscillator and contains everything needed to support the microcontroller.

Reed switch S1 is connected to digital pin 2 of Arduino as the input. PZ1 and LED1 are connected to digital pins 7 and 8, respectively, as outputs. LED1 is connected through a 220-ohm resistor.

Initially, when the door is closed, the magnet on the door is close to the reed switch (normally-open type) on the door frame and hence the reed switch is closed. So pin 2 of Arduino is ‘high.’

When the door is opened, the reed switch opens and pin 2 of Arduino becomes ‘low’ through a 10-kilo-ohm pull-down resistor. This turns on piezo buzzer PZ1 and LED1. After a few seconds, PZ1 and LED1 automatically turn off.

The software (office_visitor.ino) for this project is written in Arduino programming language. Arduino Uno is programmed using Arduino IDE software. ATmega328 on Arduino Uno comes with a bootloader that allows you to upload new code to it without using any external hardware programmer.

And now you can read more about the Circuit Schematic Arduino-based Front Office Visitor Alarm circuit schematic from original source using link HERE.

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