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Microcontroller Projects: Single-Wire 4×4 Matrix Keypad using AVR ATMega 32

Eltronicschool. - This is one of the microcontroller project for you for building single wire 4x4 matrix keypad using AVR ATMega 32 in this time. The main component used in this project are ATMega 32, 4x4 keypad, and also LCD.

In here, beside we will show you the circuit schematic of this project, we also will show you the component parts, and description of this project globally.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Circuit Schematic of Single-Wire 4×4 Matrix Keypad using AVR ATMega 32 (Source: Electronicsforu)

Component Part

  1. ATMega 32 microcontroller
  2. Transformer
  3. Bridge Diodes
  4. IC 7805
  5. Capacitors
  6. 4x4 matric keypad
  7. Resistors
  8. LED
  9. LCD
  10. Variable resistor


Circuit schematic like shown in Figure 1. above is Single-Wire 4×4 Matrix Keypad using AVR ATMega 32. Accordingly Electronicsforu site describe that this tutorial demonstrates a different way of interfacing a 4×4 matrix keypad with ATmega32 AVR microcontroller. Keypad is one of the most important input devices used in electronics projects. It is one of the easiest ways to give commands or instructions to an electronic system. But when designing a traditional matrix keypad, you require more number of input/output (I/O) pins. For example, if you are developing a 4×4 keypad of 16 keys, you require eight digital I/O lines of the microcontroller device.

This project uses only a single analogue pin to achieve the same goal, so the remaining pins are available for other purposes.

Fig. 1 shows the block diagram of the single-wire keypad with liquid-crystal display (LCD). The system consists of a 4×4 keypad that inputs data to the microcontroller through a single wire, ATmega32 microcontroller for processing the received signal, power supply section and a 16×2 LCD for displaying the keys.

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