Monday, June 20, 2016

When you assemble your own robot, you value it more by Firstpost

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Source: Firstpost

According information show us that a study, involving an Indian-origin researcher, has found that if people construct a robot themselves, they tend to have a more positive perception of their creation. S. Shyam Sundar and Yuan Sun from the Pennsylvania State University set out to find out whether the “IKEA effect” — which means when individuals construct products themselves, they tend to overvalue their creations — could be applied to robots as well.

The researchers recruited 80 undergraduates to participate in a robot assembly study. The goal was to determine how their perception of the robot changed depending on what they were told about the robot in advance, and how much they participated in the assembly of the robot. One group of study participants were given a robot that they had to equip with a battery, plug into a computer, and run through a simple software setup process, while the other group watched an experimenter go through the same steps. 

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