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Download Free E-book Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action)

Eltronicschool. - Do you want to increase your ability in Arduino microcontroller with robotics application? In here we will give you one book that will support you to learn arduino and robotic. This book titled with Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) that authored by John-David Warren, Josh Adams, and Harrald Molle.

Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) Book Cover

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In here we will give you global information about this Arduino Robotics e-book like description and contents, and in here we will give you link to take free download e-book Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) by John-David Warren, Josh Adams, and Harrald Molle from external server.


This book will show you how to use your Arduino to control a variety of different robots, while providing step-by-step instructions on the entire robot building process. You'll learn Arduino basics as well as the characteristics of different types of motors used in robotics. You also discover controller methods and failsafe methods, and learn how to apply them to your project. The book starts with basic robots and moves into more complex projects, including a GPS-enabled robot, a robotic lawn mower, a fighting bot, and even a DIY Segway-clone. 
  1. Introduction to the Arduino and other components needed for robotics
  2. Learn how to build motor controllers 
  3. Build bots from simple line-following and bump-sensor bots to more complex robots that can mow your lawn, do battle, or even take you for a ride 
What you’ll learn with this Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) book?
  1. Basics of motor-control 
  2. Basics of PCB design and fabrication 
  3. R/C control and decoding 
  4. Autonomous sensor guidance 
  5. Frame building from various materials 
  6. Instructions for a variety of robot designs 
Table of Contents 
  1. The Basics 
  2. Arduino for Robotics 
  3. Let’s Get Moving 
  4. Linus the Line-Bot 
  5. Wally the Wall-Bot 
  6. Making PCBs 
  7. The Bug-Bot 
  8. Explorer-Bot 
  9. RoboBoat 
  10. Lawn-Bot 400 
  11. The Seg-Bot 
  12. The Battle-Bot 
  13. Alternate Control.
So, now you can enjoy to learn more about Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) that authored by John-David Warren, Josh Adams, and Harrald Molle with take free download this e-book.


And now, please click link below to take download free e-book Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) by John-David, Josh Adams, and Harrald Molle. Warren from external server.


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