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Circuit Schematic a Sensor-less Brushless DC Motor Driver based on NE555 and DRV10866 IC

Eltronicschool. - There are many circuit schematic designed for driving new motor type that called with brushless DC motor. Like in Figure 1 below that we design circuit schematic for brushless DC motor based on two ICs these are NE555 and DRV10866 IC. In this schematic we not used sensor principle for brushless DC motor.

As we know that one way to select the appropriate commutation angle in brushless dc motor, we must know more information about rotor position. Usually we using a Hall Effect sensor is used to sense rotor position. 

Circuit schematic

Figure 1. Circuit Schematic a Sensor-less Brushless DC Motor Driver based on NE555 and DRV10866 IC

Component Parts
  1. LM555 IC
  2. DRV10866 IC
  3. Resistors
  4. Capacitors
  5. Brushless DC motor (M), Sorry not Motor Servo
  6. Scktottky Diodes D1 and D2

Circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic a Sensor-less Brushless DC Motor Driver based on NE555 and DRV10866 IC. In here there are two main component to build this driver motor these are NE555 and DRV10866 IC. In here we will not discuss more about NE555 IC because this IC usually used for generate pulse like in this circuit.

DRV10866 driver IC from Texas Instruments is used specially to drive a small three-phase Brushless DC motor (M). This IC have 10 pins connected like in Figure 1 above. According DRV10866 sheet data describe that a three-phase, sensor-less motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs having drive-current capability up to 680mA peak. DRV10866 is specifically designed for low noise and low component-count fan-motor drive applications. A 150° sensor-less back emf scheme is used to control the three-phase motor.

Pins 2, 4, 7 and 6 of DRV10866 IC are connected to common, phase A, phase B and phase C of the Brushless DC motor, respectively. Pin 10 of DRV10866 IC is connected to pin 7 of IC1 to get the pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal from NE555 to control the speed of the Brushless DC motor. The last that R2 100K is pull-up resistor is used at pin 1 of DRV10866 IC.

IC1 NE555 generate the output signal (PWM) is in pin 7 and not from the usual output pin 3 of this NE555. The 25kHz (approx.) PWM signal’s duty cycle can be adjusted from 5% to 95% using potentiometer VR1. The speed of the Brushless DC motor can be controlled by varying the duty cycle of the PWM signal. Turning VR1 counter-clockwise lowers the duty cycle which, in turn, lowers the speed of the motor, and vice versa. So, we can adjust the VR1 to control this brushless DC motor.

The last, we can test the circuit schematic of a Sensor-less Brushless DC Motor Driver based on NE555 and DRV10866 IC using voltage changing from output PWM from IC1 that connected to IC2.

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