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Circuit Schematic Night Security Light with Hacked PIR Sensor Type HC-SR501

Eltronicschool. - There are many circuit schematic designed special component sensor or detector for many security application. One application for night security light. In here we will give you specific circuit schematic using PIR sensor type HC-SR501 for Night Security Light like in Figure 1 below. (You also can read: Circuit Schematic 12V LDO Solar Charge Controller using MOSFET)

Circuit schematic

Component Parts

  • HC-SR501 PIR Motion Detector Module – 1
  • BS170 Mosfet – 1
  • 1N4007 Diode – 4
  • 3mm Red LED – 1
  • 8mm White LED (generic) – 1
  • 3mm/5mm Photodiode (generic) – 1 (see text)
  • 47uF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor – 2
  • Resistor 2K2 ¼ w – 1
  • Resistor 100R ¼ w – 1
  • Resistor 120K ¼ w – 1 (see text)
  • 5V/100R SPDT Relay – 2
  • On/Off Switch SPST/SPDT – 1

Circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic Night Security Light with Hacked PIR Sensor Type HC-SR501. According Electroschematics site describe that security light circuit design is centered around an inexpensive passive infrared (PIR) motion detector module, type HC-SR501. The PIR motion detector module is used here with an added ambient light detection (day/night) feature, supported by a generic photodiode. Following part is prepared to help you get started with your new HC-SR501 passive infrared motion detector module, so let’s start.

Note that imparting the ambient light detection feature involves skillfully combining one photosensitive component and the motion detector electronics with a great deal of dexterity. First of all remove the fresnel lens, and search for the “LDR” pads located near the PIR sensor element. Next, attach a 5mm/3mm (generic) silicon photodiode with its anode (A) connected to pad-A, and cathode (K) connected to pad-K. Finally, add a 120K resistor in parallel with the 1M resistor (105) mounted near the “LDR” pads at the reverse side of the circuit board.

Please read more this Circuit Schematic Night Security Light with Hacked PIR Sensor Type HC-SR501 from original source using link [here]

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