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Solar Tracker Based on Arduino Uno with Servo Motor

Eltronicschool. - One application of system based on Arduino is used to control motor servo for solar tracker. This application is simply and arrange from the Arduino UNO board, a servomotor, 2 LDRs and 2 resistors to rotate the solar panel towards the Sun or a source of light.

In this article we will show you the circuit schematic of Solar Tracker Based on Arduino Uno with Servo Motor, the description, and also the basic listing program of this application.

Circuit Schematic

arduino solar tracker circuit
Figure 1. Solar Tracker Based on Arduino Uno with Servo Motor
(Source: Electronischematic)

Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Solar Tracker Based on Arduino Uno with Servo Motor.  This circuit using Arduino Uno board, LDR module, and Servo Motor. This circuit is using a standard servo that can rotate approximately 180 degrees (90° in each direction) and is controlled using the included Arduino’s Servo Library. 

Inside the code we use the “pos” variable to set the initial position of the servo to 90, the mid position. The 2 LDRs are connected to pin A0 and A1 on the board. The “tolerance” variable is used for allowing a small tolerance otherwise the solar panel would be continously adjusting its position.

In the setup() function we set the pins were the LDR are connected as INPUTs and position the servo motor at 90° then wait for a 2 seconds before the code execution inside the loop(). In the loop() we read the values received from our 2 sensors and adjust the solar panel based on these values.

Listing Program
  • Solar Tracker Based on Arduino Uno with Servo Motor Listing Program [Link]

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