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Simple Circuit Schematic Solar Tracker System using LM324 IC

Eltronicschool. -  When the solar panels are at the perfect right angle to the sun, they are operating at optimal parameters. If solar panels are rotated by the sun, it is unfortunately this is accomplished only. 

This is used a window comparator to maintain the motor in a idle state as long as the two LDRs are under the same illumination level when we want to built the solar tracker circuit schematic. And  half the voltage is applied to the non-inverting input of U1 and to the inverting input of U1.

In this time we will give you information about Simple Circuit Schematic Solar Tracker System using LM324 IC like the circuit schematic, components part and also description how it is work.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Simple Circuit Schematic Solar Tracker System using LM324 IC

Component parts
  1. U2A : LM324 IC
  2. LDR1 and LDR2
  3. VR1 = VR2 = 50K ohm variable resistors
  4. R1 = 10K, 1/4 watts
  5. R2 = 22K, 1/4 watts
  6. D1 - D4 = IN4004
  7. Q1 = Q2 = C828
  8. Q3 = Q4 = A733
  9. C1 = 560 pF ceramic capacitor 


Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Simple Circuit Schematic Solar Tracker System using LM324 IC. To adjust that the motor stands still when the LDRs get the same amount of solar light, in this circuit using VR1 and VR2. The voltage in pins 3 and 6 of U2A increases to more than half of the power supply voltage, if less light reaches LDR2 than LDR1. In this situation the motor is starting because the output pin 1 of U2A is HIGH and Q1 and Q3 transistors conduct.

The motor is rotating in opposite direction when the output pin 7 of U2A goes HIGH and Q2 and Q4 transistors conduct. It is cause if the angle of the solar light is changing again and the voltage in point A decreases at less than power supply voltage.

Small motors with a suitable voltage and a maximum working current of 300 mA is the best used in this solar tracker system circuit. For tracking the sun only in one plane, the horizontal one also can using this solar tracker system circuit. You need to build a separate sun tracker circuit when you want to track the solar light in the vertical plane.

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