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Circuit Schematic Module Sensor GUVA-S12SD UV for Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor

Eltronicschool. - There are many ultraviolet radiation sensor application as like for automobiles, pharmaceuticals and robotics and others. An Ultraviolet sensor is used for detecting the intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation – radiation lying in the ultraviolet range.

Figure 1. Module Sensor GUVA-S12SD UV / electroschematics

In this time in these microcontroller-compatible modules can be used for detecting the intensity of incident ultraviolet radiation, like the UV radiation in sunlight. So, there are UV module that are readily available for use by amateur and professional design engineers and hobbyists.

In this time we will give you information about the module, with typical UV detection wavelength of 200 – 370nm, outputs a calibrated analog voltage which varies with the UV light intensity. And then we also will give you circuit schematic Module Sensor GUVA-S12SD UV for Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor.


The module provides a standard, right-angled, 3-pin male-header interface connection:
1. GND: 0V (Ground connection)
2. VCC: 3.3V to 5.5V (5mA current consumption)
3. OUT: 0V to 1V ( 0 to 10 UV Index like in figure 2 below) 

Figure 2. World Health Organisation Classification / Standard UV Index vs Sensor Module’s Output Voltage / electroschematics

Circuit Shematic

According of Electronicschematics site show us that The UV Sensor module is based on the renowned sensor GUVA-S12SD from EOC. GUVA-S12SD is a Gallium Nitride material based Schottky-type photodiode, optimized for photovoltaic mode operation. Next main component is an Op-Amp IC SGM8521 from SGMICRO. 

Figure 3. GUVA-S12SD and SGM8521 IC / electroschematics

The SGM8521 is a rail-to-rail input and output voltage feedback amplifiers offering low cost. This Op-Amp have a wide input common-mode voltage range and output voltage swing, and take the minimum operating supply voltage down to 2.1V and the maximum recommended supply voltage is 5.5V. Besides, SGM8521 provides 150kHz bandwidth at a low current consumption of 4.7 µA.

Figure 4. Circuit Schematic Module Sensor GUVA-S12SD UV / electroschematics

Circuit schematic like in figure 4 above is the circuit diagram of the UV Sensor Module, drawn & checked by me (thanks to my USB microscope and LCR meter).In the circuit PD1 is the GUVA-S12SD, and U1 is the SGM8521. The only one component still leaves room for doubt is resistor RX, value of which is marked as 310 (in some other modules one 10M resistor is used in this place)

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