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Simple Circuit Schematic Solar Charger Monitor

Eltronicschool. - Do you want to build your self battery charger using solar panel now? in here we will help to show you one of Simple Circuit Schematic Solar Charger Monitor like in figure 1 below. From the circuit you can charge 6V battery using solar panel with 12 Volt.

Circuit Schematic

Component List

See from figure 1 above


Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Simple Circuit Schematic Solar Charger Monitor. This add on circuit can be attached to the solar charger to see whether the battery is charging or not. It lights a Red LED to indicate that the battery is not accepting charge. It gives a warning indication if there is any loose connection with the charger and battery.

The Solar charger monitor circuit uses two PNP transistors T1 and T2 to give a warning indication if there is any loose connection with the charger and battery. If the connection is intact and current is flowing into the battery, diodes D2 and D3 forward bias and drops around 1.2 volts. This forward voltage drop across the diodes causes T2 to conducts. The collector current from T2 keeps the base of T1 high and it remains off. Red LED connected to the emitter of T1 remains off indicating that current is flowing to the battery and the connections are intact. When there is any break in the connecting cables or any loose contacts in the terminals, no more current passes and D2 and D3 reverse biases. This turns off T2 and T1 conducts .LED lights indicating that battery is not getting charging current.

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