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Circuit 3A Solar Charge Control Schematic

Eltronicschool. - Here is other solar charger controller circuit. This is Circuit 3A Solar Charge Control Schematic. The linear solar charge regulator is simply a series voltage regulator that drops the panel voltage to the desired battery maximum charge voltage. These are the only controls recommended for charging small batteries. They may also be used with large batteries. Most of my electroschematics designs fall into this category.

Circuit Schematic

Component List:

See all component from the figure 1 above.


The circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Circuit 3A Solar Charge Control Schematic. The description of this circuit as follow:

Switch mode controls fall into two basic categories: low frequency (e.g. 0.2HZ) or high frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation (e.g. 10kHZ). (Note that the MPPT control may also fall into this category, but I have chosen to put it into a special category.)

Low frequency solar charge controls fall into two categories: Relay based and SSS (Solid State Switching). While the relay based control is considered by some a dinosaur, it is actually the workhorse of the industry. It functions by picking up a relay every few seconds and remaining picked up until the voltage reaches the cut-out level, at which time it drops and waits for the next cycle. The SSS control works in similar fashion, but uses a MOSFET instead of relay contacts. The MOSFET has the advantages of being able to work on both 12 & 24V systems, and offers longer life because there are no moving parts to wear out –this is the most common type of control available. They are well suited for charging large batteries at a relatively low rate (e.g. charge time is greater than perhaps 4hours). They are not suited for charging small batteries.

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