Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Engineering Science Electromagnetic Communication Lecture Notes Download

Eltronicschool. - Here is engineering science lecture notes of Electromagnetic Communication. This lecture notes will allow you learn about transmission line, solutions to Maxwell's equations and Antennas.

In this time we will give you description about the content of this Engineering Science Electromagnetic Communication Lecture Notes and then we will give you link to download all part of this lectures note from original site.

Engineering Science Electromagnetic Communication Lecture Notes Content as follow:

A. Introduction: 

  1. Signals and Channels
  2. Electromagnetic Properties of Matter

B. Transmission Lines:

  1. Basic Transmission Line Theory
  2. Pulse Propagation on a Dispersive Transmission Line
  3. Periodical Loaded Transmission Lines

C. Solutions to Maxwell's Equations:

  1. Plane Wave Solutions
  2. Eikonal Solutions: Geometric Optics
  3. Paraxial Solution: Gausssian Beams
  4. Waveguides
  5. Fourier Optics

D. Antennas:

  1. The Basics of Radiation Theory
  2. An Introduction to Antenna Theory: Radiation from a Hertzian Dipole
  3. Transmitting Antennas: A General Far Field Formulation
  4. Receiving Antennas Characteristics
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