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Temperature Sensor Using LM35 and ADC0804 Circuit Schematic for MCS51 Microcontroller

Eltronicschool. - There are many component that can be used as temperature sensor as like LM35. LM35 temperature sensor does not stand alone, but are usually equipped with such op-amp circuit with an adjustable amplification factor and its output is connected to the analog to digital converter circuit as like ADC0804.

In this time we will show you one circuit schematic of Temperature Sensor Using LM35 and ADC0804 that suitable for MCS51 Microcontroller as like AT89S51/52/53 and others.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Temperature Sensor Using LM35 and ADC0804 (Source:

Component List
  1. Temperature Sensor LM35
  2. ADC0804
  3. LM358
  4. All component please see in figure 1 above. 


Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Temperature Sensor Using LM35 and ADC0804. According telinks blog describe that The circuit is designed to work on a scale ADC input voltage of 0-5V. The circuit is also equipped with a voltage regulator to input Vin (-) and Vref / 2 using LM317 IC, so it can adjust according to the resolution of the ADC input range there. 

ADC can be operated manually by giving signals START and wait for signals EOC (End-Of-Conversion), or operated in free-running mode (foot WR INTR connected to the foot). ADC0804 output is always open for RD leg connected to GND so that data conversion result is ready for collection. Legs CS is also connected to GND so ADC0804 is always ready to operate. Pretty good for the purposes of experimentation and application monitoring and controlling the temperature. Well, here is a series of schematic drawings.

Non-inverting amplifier circuit using LM358 penguaran by a factor of up to 6 times. To peregulasi input voltage Vin (-) and VREF / 2, is used to guarantee stability LM317 IC. ADC clock frequency formed by the R-10K and C-150pF is about 606kHz. For ease of interfacing, available data header header ADC0804 and ADC0804 control the legs WR and INTR. Legs WR and INTR can short if desired linked ADC0804 works free-running (convert input voltage continuously). 

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