Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stereo PLL FM Transmitter Layout PCB using BH1417 for 0.5 Watts and 1 Watts

Eltronicschool. - We will continue to give you information about FM transmitter. In this time we will give you two kind of PCB layout for Stereo PLL FM Transmitter using BH1417 for 0.5 watts and 1 watts like in figure 1 and figure 2. In here we adopt the project from Karya Solderanku blog.

Provided two draft choices, ie to power the RF power 500mW using RF transistor 2SC2538 and power RF power 1W (C1970) or 3W (C1947). 

PCB Layout

Figure 1. PLL FM Transmitter Layout PCB using BH1417 for 0.5 Watts
Figure 2. PLL FM Transmitter Layout PCB using BH1417 for 1 Watts

Data Specification
  1. Supply Voltage: 12VDC
  2. Frequency: 87.7 - 88.9MHz, 106.7 - 107.9MHz (step 200kHz)
  3. RF Output Power: 500mW & 1-3W
  4. Audio Frequency Response: 50 - 15kHz
  5. Audio separation: 40dB
  6. Power consumption: 30mA - 1 A

IC BH 1417 feature:
  1. pre-emphasis
  2. audio limitter: keep the audio level to reduce the distortion of the modulation
  3. stereo encoder
  4. LPF (low pass filter): who will memblockir 15kHz audio frequency that exceeds that affect the stability of the PLL frequency and avoid RF interference.
  5.  PLL (Phase Locked Loop) Circuit
  6. Osilator FM
  7. Buffer / RF output buffer.

These features are very complete owned by IC BH1417 Gold makes recommendations for use. Want to give it a try .....!

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