Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Simple 45 Watts Tube Transmitter Circuit Schematic

Eltronicschool. - When we searching to looking for transmitter with 45 watts power output, we find the simple 45 Watts Tube Transmitter Circuit Schematic that we will share to you  in this blog Eltronicschool. So, surely that we get this blog from other site that posted this transmitter. You can see the Simple 45 Watts Tube Transmitter Circuit Schematic like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Simple 45 Watts Tube Transmitter Circuit Schematic (Source:english.cxem.net)

Component List
  1. R1 = 15KW/2W
  2. R2 = 1KW/10W
  3. R3 = 1KW/10W (for biggest force in the exit you replace with short-circuit).
  4. C1 = 50pF trimmer
  5. C2 = 30pF trimmer
  6. C3 = 22pF/4KV
  7. C4, c6, c9 = 10nF/1KV
  8. C5, c7 = 1nF/1KV
  9. C8 = 100mF+100mF/450V (Double electrolytic)
  10. C9, c10 = 10nF
  11. RFC1, rfc2, rfc3 air Inductors: 15 coils diameter 8mm, from wire 1mm.
  12. T1 = Transformer 220V/6V-1A
  13. T2 = Transformer of configuration with being first 4 or 8W
  14. T3 = Inductor with core ferrite (externally it resembles with small transformer but has a turn only).
  15. D1 = BY127 rectifier
  16. Lamp = 807 SYLV USA or EL34 or equivalent
  17. ANTENNA = Simple dipole L/2. (L= wave length)
  18. S1 = Main switch of catering.
  19. S2 = Switch of catering of rise (him we close after zestacej’ the thread).

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