Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Parallax Ping Sensor Component for Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Eltronicschool. - One way to measure the distance is using ultrasonic distance sensor. One ultrasonic distance sensor component is Parallax Ping Sensor. Ping sensor is an ultrasonic distance sensor made in Parallax. And in here we will describe globally about Parallax Ping Sensor.

Figure 1. Ping Sensor Parallax


Ping sensor works at a frequency of 40 KHz and it has a 3 pin lines, namely signaling pathways (GIS), lane 5V VCC and ground lines. Ping sensor detects object distance by emitting ultrasonic waves (40 KHz) for 200μs, and then detect the reflection. 

Ping sensor specifications are as follows:

  1. Measurement range 3cm - 3m
  2. Positive TTL input trigger pulse, at least 2μs, 5μs typical
  3. Echo hold off 750μs of the fall of the trigger pulse
  4. Time delay for subsequent measurement 200μs
  5. LED indicators for activity sensors.

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