Thursday, November 20, 2014

Interface Driver DC Motor using L293D with ATMEGA8535 Circuit Schematic for Fire Extinguisher Robot

Eltronicschool. - One important part when we design robot is driver dc motor to driver dc motor for robot moving. There are many circuit schematic that develop as DC Motor driver using transistor and also integrated circuit IC. One IC that familiar to design DC Motor driver is L293D.

In here we will show you interface Driver DC Motor using L293D with ATMEGA8535 Circuit Schematic for Fire Extinguisher Robot like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Interface DC Motor Driver using L293D with ATMEGA8535 Circuit 

Component List
  1. IC L293D for DC Motor Driver
  2. ATMEGA 8535
  3. Other component see in figure 1 above


The movement of the robot, of course not limited to forward, yet can backtrack, turn right and turn left, so that the dc motor can move such that it must use a driver IC L293D. IC L293D has 16 pins with their respective functions, by providing the logic inputs IN1, IN2 and Enable the movement of a DC motor can be set direction and speed. Interfacing with driver L293D microcontroller as follows: Port D.0 input1, input2 to PortD.1, enable1 to Port D.4, D.5 enable2 Port, Port D.6 INPUT3 and INPUT4 to Port D.7, while the output as follows: output1 and output2 to the DC motor 1, output3 and output4 to DC motor 2. The circuit schematic of the DC motor and its driver L293D is shown in Figure 1 above.

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