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Hamamatsu UVTron Sensor Interfacing with Microcontroller Circuit Schematic

Eltronicschool. - After we give you information about flame detector using Hamamatsu UVTron sensor that can be used in fire extinguisher robot, in this time we will show you circuit schematic that will connecting or interfacing Hamamatsu UVTron sensor with microcontroller like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Hamamatsu UVTron Sensor Interfacing with Microcontroller Circuit

Component List

  1. Hamamatsu UVTron Sensor
  2. Microcontroller ATMega 8535
  3. Supported component like in figure 1 above


When we design extinguisher robot, we can use Hamamatsu UVTron sensor with several reason as like Sensors have been sensitive to fire far more than 4 meters and has a C3704 drivers thus simplifying use. UVTron sensor has a sensitivity of about 900, with a range of angle of it then it will be difficult to determine the absolute position of the source fire. 

The technique used is to use protective thereby reducing the range of angles of UVTron so absolute position from sources of ignition can be known. UVTron sensors in applications requiring C3704 drivers for UVTron is working voltage of 350-400 Vdc, to get voltage of the source voltage of 12 volts required C3704 drivers. UVTron tube attached to the driver C3704 with foot rule longer an anode that is mounted on the driver with A sign, while the shorter leg is the cathode so that mounted on the driver with the sign of K like in figure 2 below.

Figure 2. UVTron Connected on the Driver C3704

Driver C3704 requires a voltage between 10-30 Vdc to operates, it is certainly difficult in robotic applications since the source voltage robots typically about 12 volts, the actual voltage of 10-30 Vdc was still regulated by the IC 7805 is in the driver to 5 Vdc, thus giving the driver voltage on C3704 can be converted into 5 Vdc by means of passing the regulator on C3704 drivers. regulators in C3704 driver has a sign ICI, on the sign there are 4 holes (3 holes used IC regulator) is O (output), G (ground), I (input), O (output). 4th hole marked with O unused so that it can used to input source voltage of 5 volts. Relationship voltage source C3704 driver is shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3. Installation with the Voltage Source C3704 Driver

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