Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Will the Windows 8 Using Start Menu Again?

Eltronicschool. - One tools in Windows operation system that very identically in this operation system is Start Menu that installed in Windows. But we know that in new Windows 8, we will not find this Start Menu. Maybe because of this reason that many people not like with Windows 8 operation system.

Figure 1. Leaked of Start menu in Windows 8 (Source:detikinet)

It is can make the user of Windows 8 confuse because that Start Menu facilities can not find. Microsoft may feel the lack of this and called preparing a new update that will restore the start menu.It was confirmed by a leaked screenshot of Windows 8 is in it shows a view similar to the start menu.

According detikinet site on 7/15/2014 reported that Although still a leak, the contents of the start menu in line with the previous issue of the return call hybrid start menu will appear. 

Called a hybrid because of the recent appearance of the start menu is filled by his right hand column look like the start screen style boxes. While the left-hand column contains the row preceding the application like the start menu. 

Leaked start menu is also led to speculation that say Microsoft still do not want to waste Modern UI proud, by combining the start menu of Windows users who still desired. The return of the start menu will reportedly coexist with Windows 8.1 Bulid 9788 update or the latest version of the level above it.

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