Thursday, July 17, 2014

OPPO Give Solution for Slowing Smartphone Battery Charging

Eltronicschool. - There are many kinds technology that used to make an efficiency for our mobile phone or gadget battery. It is used because there many complaint of the battery efficiency that used in smartphone or other gadget.

Figure 1. VOOC Rapid Charge from OPPO (Image:

According Detikinet reported that Battery problems are one of the obstacles that are often experienced by users of smartphones in Indonesia. Wasteful batteries, long charging time, fast heat and many more complaints that you may have experienced. Some smartphone manufacturers later chose to enlarge the capacity of the battery. 

However, the consequences are so much longer charging time and is not efficient. If we only have 30 minutes, maybe you are just new smartphone batteries are low. Not long after use to call or open an application that requires an internet connection, for sure your battery is up again and had struggled to find an outlet.

And now OPPO smartphone offer the efficiency battery technology to solve the battery problem for smartphone. With the second option is to shorten the charging time of the battery. As applied OPPO in the series flagship smartphone, Find 7. Through VOOC Rapid Charge technology, faster battery charging time up to 4x as much. Empty (0%), OPPO Find 7 which has a capacity of 3000 mAh battery can be charged up to 75% in just 30 minutes! 

VOOC Rapid Charge is offered OPPO solutions to answer the needs of today's smartphone users. OPPO conduct a special assembly to component adapter so that the charging speed increased 4x as much. In addition to adapters, OPPO also perform a special assembly on the battery. 

OPPO uses a special battery cells that are able to withstand large currents. So the battery life of the OPPO is not much different from the usual smartphone battery. Implementation of this technology will also ensure that no overheating occurs while charging the battery. The safety factor is a major concern in supporting performance VOOC OPPO Rapid Charge. 

OPPO pinning 5 stages of security protection on mobile phones, batteries, connectors and adapters. Security protection system works by detecting electric current and voltage that goes to the phone via an adapter. If the current exceeds the normal limit accommodated phone, the adapter will automatically adjust or terminate the current. (Source:

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