Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Microsoft CEO Want to Combine 3 Versions of Windows OS

Eltronicschool. - What will happen if the Windows operating system of three into a single operating system convergence. Of course this is a very exciting. According deetikinet that After the decision to turn off mobile phones Nokia X variant, the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadela, re-spawn a new policy, but this time related to the Windows OS. He wants the Windows platform that can be used on all devices. 

Figure 1. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela (Image:detikinet)

This decision clearly outside the box that had been run Microsoft or other technology manufacturers. So far, Windows does have some variants representing each segment of the device. 

When Windows 8 is prepared to fill the segment of personal computers such as laptops and desktop, then Windows RT previously made ​​to arm the tablet device. While Windows Phone 8 smartphone users prepared to indulge. 

Going forward, Nadela not want Windows platforms such fragmentary. He wants to combine all Windows platforms and make it integrated. The goal is, a platform for the various models of devices.

Some analysts also welcomed the decision by saying Nadela Microsoft may be able to encourage the return of stretching developers to work on apps for the Windows platform. 

Moreover, developers are also going to be easier because it only needs to make one type of application thanks to the convergence of Windows. Not like today where each Windows platform requires developers create applications system varies according to its designation. 

Although still speculative, Platform 'unified' Windows is called will be able to run on a PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone, or even Xbox game consoles.

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