Thursday, April 24, 2014

Uninterruptable Power Supplies UPS Simple Circuit Schematic

Eltronicschool. - We think you will not foreign again with the UPS or stand for Uninterruptable Power Supplies. Usually we can find this Uninterruptable Power Supplies in our portable PC and other devices that need supply continue.

In this time we want to share with you about Uninterruptable Power Supplies UPS simple circuit schematic that we think will help you to provide supply for your electronic devices.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Uninterruptable Power Supplies (Circuitstoday)

Component List

all component like in figure 1 above.


According figure 1 above about UPS can describe as follow:
  1. This is the circuit diagram of a simple UPS that can deliver 12V unregulated and 5V regulated DC. 
  2. The transformer T1 steps down the mains voltage to 12V AC and then the bridge B1 rectifies it. The rectified signal is smoothed by the capacitor C1.
  3. When the mains supply is available the battery will be charged via diode D3 and the regulator IC gets supply via diode D5. 12V and 5V DC will be available at the output terminals.
  4. When mains supply is not available the battery supplies current to the regulator IC and to the 12V DC terminal through diode D4.Also, the diode D3 blocks reverse flow of current during battery mode. 
  5. Capacitors C2 and C3 acts as filters.
Source: circuitstoday

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