Monday, March 31, 2014

TINA Full Version Electronic Circuit Schematic Design Simulation

Eltronicschool. - One again electronic circuit schematic design and analysis that very helpful to you is TINA. TINA is a powerful application that allows you to test electronic circuits by creating them into a virtual environment. You can use the program to design new circuits and add any component with just a few clicks. The application can also perform tests and analyze the behavior of the circuit under certain circumstances. You can use it to test a design without burning the fuses from your lab.

Figure 1. TINA Screenshot (top4download)

There are several switches, meters, sources, semiconductors and spice macros to choose from. When evaluating a circuit in function mode, a multimeter, oscilloscope, a signal analyzer and others can also be used.  

When a component is right-clicked, a menu will appear offering options such as to rotate the component, to connect it to other components using the "wire" tool or to change its properties. For example, when you choose to change the properties of a resistor, parameters such as resistance, power, temperature and others can be modified. When the "Edit Symbol" option is picked, the shape of symbols can be changed. Several kinds of analyses can be performed, such as AC, DC, Fourier or noise analysis.

As your information again that TINA is an easy-to-use, powerful circuit simulation tool based on a SPICE engine. This software is a fully functional that loaded with a library of TI macromodels plus passive and active models.  One version of TINA is TINA-TI's new version 9 has changes from Version 7.0 in the following areas:  

  1. Schematic Symbol Editor (useable with the Macro Wizard) is included, so you can create your own symbols for imported SPICE macromodels. Macros do not have to be from TI - you can import anyone's SPICE model now! Does not require active or non-linear components for analysis (so you can now run a circuit using just passives).
  2. TINA-TI includes Initial Condition and Nodeset components. TINA-TI includes Linear and nonlinear controlled sources (VCVS, CCVS, VCCS, CCCS), and the Controlled Source Wizard. 
  3. TINA-TI now allows WAV files to be used as stimulus (signal sources). You can play calculated waveforms on PC's multimedia system, and export calculated waveforms as a *.wav file. 
  4. TINA-TI has Multi-core processor support; this along with other optimizations makes simulations run 2-20 times faster. Schematic file import/export in XML format Block Wizard included for making block diagrams.
  5. TINA-TI has more SPICE models and example circuits included. Circuits developed in TINA-TI 9 will work with TINA Industrial version 9. 
  6. TINA-TI Version 7.0 is forward compatible with Version 9, and version 9 supports saving schematics in version 7.0 format. 
  7. Available in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Russian versions.  

To enjoy TINA Full Version Electronic Circuit Schematic Design Simulation, you can download this software freely and easily. Ad then you can install this software to your computer or laptop.

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  1. This version of Tina is Russian.

  2. THX,,ale je to po cudziom jazyku,,neviem nastaviť ani EN jazyk..

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