Sunday, December 29, 2013

Free Download Protel 99 SE Software

Eltronicschool. - Although this software categorized the old electronic software, but Protel 99 SE still remembered for many people whom like to design electronic circuit schematic and also PCB layout designing in this day.

Figure 1. Protel 99 SE (Image:Google)

In this time we want to share with you about Protel 99 SE globally, and then we will give you link to take free download electronic software Protel 99 SE from Eltronicschool blog here.

Maybe you still remember that Protel 99 SE is software that used to design electronic schematic, run schematic simulation and also to design  PCB layout with size of components dimension layout. We can run Protel 99 SE in operation system Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, and also Windows 7.

There are many reason, why people still using Protel 99 SE, it is maybe with this software we can design electronic circuit and PCB layout easily, and specially to design PCB layout we can design manually and also auto-route directly from the schematic that we drawing before easily.

And we thing our introduction about Protel 99 SE is enough. And now we will give you link to take Free Download Protel 99 SE software to design electronic circuit and PCB layout easily. You can click link below to download this software easily from external server.

And to complete your collection about Protel software you also can download other version of Protel software below:

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  1. Watch Video " Run Protel 99 SE on Window 7 & Solve library File Not Recognized Error"

    www youtube com/watch?v=R7Orthw0L1o

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