Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free Download PCB Layout Altium Designer 2013 Version 13.2.5 Portable Plus How to Install Video Tutorial Altium 13.1.2

Eltronicschool. - Maybe you will not again with this software, because this software also very famous this day. This software is Altium. With recent version in 2013, Altium also be interested for many electronic engineer and electronic hobby to use Altium software.

Figure 1. Altium Designer 2013

When we the development of Altium software, it will show us that Altium is a tool for electronic design formerly known as Protel, probably among of electronic engineering would be to know the name of the tool because it can be easily searched pirated that time, kept what happened to Protel?

Protel was first introduced in 1985 on the IBM system. Since the first name that Altium Protel already lodged behind his name is just that we never realize it because we're buying it usually pirated, where the matter .. In 1991, they introduced a Windows-based PCB design software before Microsoft Windows became the standard of a PC.

In 2001, they became listed company in Australia, since that's when the name was changed to Altium Protel. In 2002, they issued the 2002 version with the name Protel Altium Protel DXP 2002, this version is arguably the product fails because of Altium diplatform they began to migrate to this platform more user-friendly but have many bugs, Altium DXP 2004 and then released to cover failure of the 2002 version, at the end of 2005, Altium Designer 06 was introduced and is the longest version of Altium doing a lot of innovation in this version, no patch from version 6.0 to 6.9.

And in this year 2013, Altium software upgrade with recent version that called with Altium Designer version 13. There are many variants of Altium 2013 version 13 as like Altium designer version 13.1.2 and Altium designer 13.2.5, etc. With this version we will can enjoy this software more powerfully to create electronic circuit schematic for our project and then we can continue to create PCB layout manually and auto-route using this Altium designer 2013.

In this time, beside we give you information about history of Altium designer software, in here we also will give link to take free download PCB Layout Altium Designer 2013 Version 13.2.5 Portable and we also will complete you with How to Install Altium 13.1.2 Video Tutorial.

So to download Altium Designer version 13.2.5 portable, you can easily with click link below and as note you must install before in your computer uTorrent to download this software because using torrent file.

And to know how to install Altium Designer 2013 version 13.1.2 portable, you can watch the video tutorial using link below easily

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