Monday, September 16, 2013

Free Download Electronic Circuit and PCB Layout Design Orcad 9.2 PSpice

Eltronicschool. - The popular electronic software that usually used for many electronic hobbies and student is OrCAD. This software also used for many electronic product design company around the world to make printed circuit board. 

Our experience we we using OrCAD software, with OrCAD software we can design and draw electronic schematic diagram using OrCad Capture and then we can continue to design Printed Circuit Board manually or auto-route using OrCAD Layout.

Figure 1. OrCAD Capture

When we want to create electronic circuit schematic or electronic wiring diagrams in OrCAD, we can open to work with OrCad Capture. We can draw electronic schematic in the window that provided with choose the components in the library. In here we will find many component list that provided like components of TTL, Amplifier, Arithmetic, Counter, Discrete, DRAM, Electromechanical, Filter, FPGA, Microcontroller, Transistor, Microprocessor, Gate, Latch, Op-Amp, Passive Components, etc.

After chosen we can connect all the component according our electronic schematic using wire tool. In here we also can change the part of components, size, and also the name of component according the component that we need. So, it is very interesting.

And then after we draw the electronic circuit or electronic wiring diagrams, we can continue our work to make or create the PCB layout using Layout that provided by OrCAD software. In here we can create PCB layout automatically and manually.

We can create PCB layout automatically using the tool Auto-Route, in OrCAD Layout will create according the electronic circuit schematic that we create from OrCAD capture. With follow the instruction, we will get PCB layout automatically.

Figure 2. OrCAD Layout

But if we want to design PCB layout manually, we can design one by one the component shape and then we can connected to other component shape according the electronic circuit schematic that we drawn. We can create PCB layout art according our design. So it is also very easy.

And we thing enough to introduce you about OrCAD software like above. In here we will try to give you link to take Free Download Electronic Circuit and PCB Layout Design Orcad 9.2 PSpice. In here we will give you the OrCAD version this is OrCAD 9.2 PSpice. Maybe this version also called with Cadence OrCAD 9.2 PSpice. 

And please click link below to take download OrCAD 9.2 PSpice from external server. And after download you can install this software and you can try to make adventure using OrCAD 9.2 PSpice.

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