Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Electronic Wiring Diagram for Solenoid Driver using Relay

Eltronicschool. - There are many transistor that used as switching to make on and off the other devices. One of transistor switching used to drive relay to make on and off the solenoid. In this time we will show you the simple electronic wiring diagram for solenoid driver using relay.

Electronic Wiring Diagram

Figure 1. Driver Solenoid using Relay

Component List:

  1. Relay 12 VDC
  2. Transistor A733
  3. R2 = 4K7
  4. D1 = IN4004

Circuit Description:

We said that figure 1 above is the simple electronic wiring diagrams for solenoid driver, it is only used 3 components as driver relay. The driver solenoid using relay like in figure 1 above is used in electronic project for prototype of a safety cabinet using 3-level password-based microcontroller AT89S52.

This block consists of a relay, transistor as an automatic switch, and a diode. The main function of the circuit is to menyalanakan solenoid as unlock the closet door.

Relay works if the value of the pin microcontroller AT89S52 given a value of 0. Transistor which serves as a switch (switch) which will receive the input transistor ON when approaching Vcc and current would flow from the collector to the emitter leg which will be connected to a relay that will make the circuit is active. These conditions make the solenoid is active and unlock the cabinet. (designed by: paryanto)

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