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Electronic Wiring diagram for Power Supply +5Volt and +12Volt using TIP32 Completed with Battery Charger +12Volt

Eltronicschool. - We had posted the article about electronic project with titled Prototype of Cabinet Security Device Using 3 Levels Password Based on Microcontroller AT89S52. To support the supply of the all electronic wiring diagram of this project in here we will show you the Electronic Wiring diagram for Power Supply +5Volt and +12Volt using TIP32 Completed with Battery Charger +12Volt that used.


Power supply works to provide tension to the whole network are made​​. Made power supply network is comprised of two products, namely +5 volts and +12 volts, +5 volt output is used to turn around the network unless the network selenoid and buzzer, while the 12-volt output is used to provide voltage to the selenoid and buzzer, as it has +12 volts working voltage. In addition, the power supply network is also designed to be able to do the filling to re-charger battery +12 volts.

Electronic Wiring Diagram

Figure 1.  Power Supply +5Volt and +12Volt using TIP32 Completed with Battery Charger +12Volt

How it Works

Step-down transformer TR1 which serves to reduce the voltage from 220 volts AC to 12 volts AC. Then 12 volts AC will be rectified by using four diodes, the next 12 volts DC will be flattened by the 2200 μF capacitor. 5 volt voltage regulator (LM7805CT) is used in order to keep the resulting output 5 volts, although a change in the input voltage. 

PNP transistor TIP 32 here serves for supplying current flows when there is a shortage in the circuit, so the voltage regulator (LM7805CT) will not be hot when the circuit needs considerable current. 12 volt DC voltage is taken directly from the output of the diode bridge. 

Diodes D3 serves as 12 volt battery charger. Batteries are used as backup power supply when a power failure. Battery backup would immediately take the load without any delay so that the password is in mikrokotroler not erased. (by:paryanto)

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